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Subject area:
Hate crime, Online safety, Prejudice, Refugees, Religion, Safeguarding, Stereotyping
Age group:
KS 3, KS 4
Lesson activity, Lesson ideas, Lesson plan
Pdf, Presentation slides, Videos

Be Internet Citizens is a suite of materials developed by Google, YouTube and the Institute of Strategic Dialogue. The resources cover four lessons for secondary school pupils on the topics of fake news, emotional manipulation online, them versus us narratives and online hate speech.

The lessons aim to build young people’s critical thinking skills whilst developing their knowledge through a range of engaging and creative exercises. The resources included are a lesson plan and PowerPoint Presentation which covers all four lessons.

Teachers may use this resource to stimulate pupil discussion and thinking, and encourage active learning.

PowerPoint slides

Presentation slides for all four lessons, including key questions and discussion points to support teachers in the notes section.

Lesson plan

This includes the lesson plan, guidance and resources for all four lessons.