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An informative website providing help and advice to the public to understand Prevent, Channel and the signs of radicalisation. Let’s Talk About It is an initiative designed to provide practical help and guidance to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. Parents may find the online safety section particularly helpful. Schools may find the website helpful to clearly explain the Prevent programme to parents and staff, and to source information posters and leaflets.

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Parent/guardian online safety leaflet

A leaflet for parents on the importance of promoting online safety during the Coronavirus school closures

Staying safe online

Hints and tips to make sure you and your family stay safe from extreme ideology and grooming online.

Spotting the signs: A helpful guide

A guide to identifying and supporting someone who may be vulnerable to becoming involved in extremism or terrorism.

What is Prevent?

Find out how you can help to safeguard people and communities from the threat of terrorism.

What is Channel?

Find out more about Channel which provides support across the country to those who may be vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism.

Video: My son joined ISIS

Nicola shares details of the tragic exploitation of her teenage son groomed to join ISIS.

Video: Safeguarding children from extreme views

The best way to combat radicalisation in the classroom is to help pupils develop reasoning and critical thinking skills.

Video: Connect Futures Woolwich Boys

The story of a largely Somali led south London street gang involved in county lines drug distribution.

Video: Ivan Humble - Crossing the line

An ex EDL organiser, explains how he became involved with EDL, why he left and why he is now working to fight hate.

Video: Parents worried about radicalisation

NSPCC advice for parents worried about their children and the risk of radicalisation.

Video: Luton sixth form Prevent

Luton Sixth Form Students describe Prevent in their own words.

Spotting the signs

A3 poster outlining the many varying factors that could make someone vulnerable to radicalisation.

The iceberg

A3 poster representing terrorism using the analogy of an iceberg — because a terrorist attack is only the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s talk about it poster

A3 poster encouraging people to report anything that could be terrorist related to the Police Hotline.

What is Prevent?

A3 poster containing an overview of the Prevent Programme and what it aims to do.

Prevent pocket guide

An introduction to the Prevent Programme including everything you need to know.

Prevent and Channel overview

A guide to Prevent and Channel.

Let’s Talk About It

An introduction to Let’s Talk About It.