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Subject area:
Extremism, Hate crime, Radicalisation, Refugees
Age group:
KS 3, KS 4, KS 5
Lesson plan, Posters
Pdf, Presentation slides, Word document

The No Love for Hate project aims to reduce the appeal of extremism to young people. It offers a positive alternative to the increasing pressure young people may feel from the world around them and the propaganda they may see online. It encourages pupils to be more accepting of others and to challenge hatred. Topics include hate crime, online risks, refugees, the rise of right-wing extremism and the push/pull factors of radicalisation. The resources are open access materials, including interactive Prezi presentations and Kahoot! quizzes, which can be adapted for different audiences.

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Tutorials encourage pupils to be accepting and to challenge hatred, while understanding the risks of extremism and radicalisation.